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About Scientist on the Job

Scientist on the Job is a new instrument to strengthen the collaboration between public and/or private organizations and scientists in the Dutch cybersecurity community. For both parties it is a great opportunity to increase understanding of each other’s expertise and line of work, thus creating a stronger partnership between science and practice. Scientist on the Job is an initiative of dcypher, developed in cooperation with NWO Physical Sciences.

For Scientists

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Researchers have a unique opportunity to share his/her research insights in a practical situation in a short-term (3 months) on-the-job experience in the private or public sector.

For Organisations

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Public or private organization can expect answers on their research questions, issues of a more fundamental nature they experience in the cyber security domain. This is an opportunity for organizations to get desired scientific input through short term internships.

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I have experience in computer security (research and development, penetration testing) and software development. I hold a BSc. and an MSc. in Computer

Daniel Ricardo dos Santos TU Eindhoven

Development and implementation of strategy, (network-)marketing and communications; managing events (also 500+), public relations, press relations, pu

Juul NWO | dcypher

- Underwater acoustic/electromagnetic propagation methods - Analytic and numeric solution methods for physic problems - Seismic airgun array signat

Huseyin Ozkan SERTLEK TU Delft

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